First Loans Disbursed

A Milestone reached: JAMII IMPACT LTD. (JIL) – a Tanzanian company, managed by UHURU MC, is proud to announce, that its very first loan has been disbursed to the VICOBA „Tupendane“ (Swahili for: „Love each other“) in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam/Tanzania.

This group with its unbanked 30 members – 23 of whom are women – are meeting on a weekly basis for six years now, doing their rotating savings- and loan-business very focused and successfully. However, there was a lack of liquidity in their steel-box to satisfy the demand for micro-loans of all the members. After performing a thorough analysis of the group-ledger and the passbooks of its members, in order to better understand their operations and their repayment capacity, plus visits at the homesteads and businesses of the nine beneficiaries, the group-loan was disbursed to their freshly opened bank account: Financial Inclusion made tangible!

Meet the happy group members with Andreas Reiffenstein, Director of JAMII IMPACT LTD – a company managed by UHURU Microfinance Consulting GmbH


It’s about time to pack our suitcases. Yes, yes, yes, we finally made it. UHURU MC is going to conduct a three-year project in Tanzania, starting Monday next week in Dar es Salaam. A year of preparation and many backs and forths lies behind us…..not mentioning the Passport with the required business visa, which is still somewhere between Berlin and Frankfurt.

The implementation phase for the Digitalization of over 100 VICOBAs has been fully financed and Financial Inclusion for some 3.000 members of informal „Rotating Savings and Credit Associations“ (of which 85% are females) becomes a tangible goal.

Stay tuned and follow our efforts in creating an umbrella organization, connecting those groups, that are dispersed all over the country. UHURU Microfinance Consulting GmbH intends to blend state-of-the-art digital financial solutions and bridge the funding gap by leveraging local and international sources of liquidity.

Sustainably improving lives of disadvantaged people in their homesteads is a legitimate, if not the better alternative to erecting walls in the Sahara in order to manage migration.

Arusha/Tanzania, Feb. 15 2018

Village Community Banking In Tanzania Ready for Digitalization

After a long and fruitful meeting, the hosting Bishop and VICOBA-leaders of the Eastern Mennonite Diocese in Dar es Salaam/Tanzania gather for a group photo with UHURU Microfinance Consulting´s board members Andreas and Mesika. After having presented the results of a survey that captured data of over 300 members of Tanzanian VICOBAs from all over the country, this group is ready for the next level of Village Community Banking. Similar promising commitments from the corresponding group in Arusha/Northern Tanzania were recorded the following day on location. Another conference will be held in Musoma/Lake Victoria during the next few days.

Over one hundred savings groups with an average of 30 members cater for the financial inclusion of approximately 30.000 people, taking the benefitting family members into account. An outstanding success of a group savings scheme that was started five years ago.

UHURU MC is now getting ready to prepare all necessary next steps to migrate existing pen-and-paper-processes to a digital environment, thus
• Minimizing risks of physical money transport
• Increasing transparency by centralizing availability of data for all groups, donors and investors
• Exchange experiences between groups that previously operated isolated
• Manage liquidity between groups
• Pooling purchasing power and many more benefits.

There is a lot to be done and we, at UHURU MC, are so much looking forward to being a part of this success story and continue working with wonderful people!