It’s about time to pack our suitcases. Yes, yes, yes, we finally made it. UHURU MC is going to conduct a three-year project in Tanzania, starting Monday next week in Dar es Salaam. A year of preparation and many backs and forths lies behind us…..not mentioning the Passport with the required business visa, which is still somewhere between Berlin and Frankfurt.

The implementation phase for the Digitalization of over 100 VICOBAs has been fully financed and Financial Inclusion for some 3.000 members of informal „Rotating Savings and Credit Associations“ (of which 85% are females) becomes a tangible goal.

Stay tuned and follow our efforts in creating an umbrella organization, connecting those groups, that are dispersed all over the country. UHURU Microfinance Consulting GmbH intends to blend state-of-the-art digital financial solutions and bridge the funding gap by leveraging local and international sources of liquidity.

Sustainably improving lives of disadvantaged people in their homesteads is a legitimate, if not the better alternative to erecting walls in the Sahara in order to manage migration.

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