Uhuru (Swahili for Freedom, but known in vast parts of eastern and southern Africa)

Enhancing a fair and financially liberated community

  • Enabling fair access to financial services
  • Creating a sustainable link between investors and microfinance services providers
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with [3P‘s-standards]
  • Maintaining trustful relationships with our co-partners
  • Continuously delivering the highest level of credibility
  • Promoting entrepreneurial behaviour within UHURU and it‘s co-partners

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) represents 14 percent of the world’s population with fastest growing nations.  Due to fewer conflicts and banking crises since 1990s, the SSA has managed to attract the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from from $23 billion in 2006 to over $45 billion in 2012 (UNCTAD statistics database). The increase is based on a number of factors, including consistent gross domestic product growth rates, increased political stability, a growing middle class, and reforms that reduce barriers to entry (World Bank 2011).

With such potential economic growth, the financial sector as the engine of all other economic activities is still struggling to expand its client outreach. According to CGAP and the World Bank (2010) only 12 percent of the total households have access to financial services. This cause  a call-to-action for governmental and international funders to accelerate the provision of financial services to active low income people in the region.

UHURU microfinance consulting is dedicated to support local microfinance insititutions (MFIs) to set-up sustainable and trustful relationships with international investors. We ensure that MFIs implement appropriate businessmodels that comply with financial inclusion standards as required by international investors and donors.

Andreas Reiffenstein

  • Managing Director (MD)
  • Many Years of Management Experience in Various Roles in the Financial Industry
  • Skilled Project Manager
  • Certified Expert in Microfinance
  • Experience in Africa

Mesika M. Mongitta

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • International Management (MA)
  • Certified Expert in Microfinance
  • Practical Experience in Microfinance Industry in Tanzania
  • Microfinance and Enterprise Development (BA)
  • Based in Germany, born and raised in Tanzania